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Stunning Nature Photography Show Extended For Climate Awareness

Paul Nicklen Image Penguins
Thought Leader: Paul Nicklen
July 19, 2023
Source: Forbes

“What is more powerful than fear?” SeaLegacy asks, “Hope. As a simple word, it holds a sheer strength to propel you forward when it appears you have little left to hold on to. A wanting glimpse, an immense presence, or a passing thought, hope draws into any mind that seeks its guidance. And it is the very word that leads and embodies our co-founders, Cristina Mittermeier, Andy Mann, and Paul Nicklen.”

To truly understand the depth of this message, the Town of Greenwich is co-hosting cool Arctic and nautical images by celebrated wildlife photographers and partners Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier at C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut. This gallery showcase of the Canadian and Mexican-born photographers has been extended a full month through July 30th. But as with the realities of climate change, time is running out!

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