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Neon Nights | Diving into the World of Biofluorescence | A Sea of Hope

Thought Leader: Paul Nicklen
April 28, 2023
Source: SeaLegacy

Illuminating the depths and revealing a neon display of biofluorescence, in A Sea of Hope, co-founder Paul Nicklen leads a journey through the night, diving into unfamiliar worlds. Using blue lights to capture underwater biofluorescence, one of nature’s most striking phenomena, Paul plunges into “a void of blackness.” Cutting through the dark with only his beam of light, he relinquishes control and uncovers the underwater secrets usually shielded within the dark expanse. Paul, joined by friend and fellow underwater photographer Marcelo Johan Ogata unveils the psychedelic display emitted from certain corals and animals when observed under blue light. The lights reveal the incredible contrast of these organisms from day to night alongside the abundant aquatic activity that bustles under the cloak of darkness. In awe of the incredible wonders of life in the deep blue, Paul and Marcelo ponder the consequences of our changing climate and highlight the urgency necessary to save these extraordinary ecosystems.

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