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Explore 20 Years of Conservation Photography in Cristina Mittermeier New Book

Hope by Cristina Mittermeier
Thought Leader: Cristina Mittermeier
April 4, 2024

Photographer and marine biologist Cristina Mittermeier has dedicated her career to telling stories about the people and animals affected by climate change. And now, she is pouring 20 years of her work into a new book that is the embodiment of our planet’s resilience and humanity’s connection to nature. Hope is an artistic manifesto that sees Mittermeier weave her own personal narrative with visual stories.

While this is not Mittermeier’s first book, it is a departure for her. For Hope, she left behind traditional publishers, whom she felt stifled her creativity in the past, and turned to Hemeria, a boutique publisher and designer in Paris. This meant that she had more control over the entire project, which has resulted in a publication that is a true work of art.

Now that the design is complete, Mittermeier is turning to crowdfunding to launch the project. Supporters will not only have the opportunity to order Hope at a favorable price, but can also access special offers that include postcards, fine art prints, and signed copies.

“I believe this approach can offer a new avenue for photographers to publish their work in a landscape where traditional publishing has become increasingly challenging, especially for photography projects,” Mittermeier tells My Modern Met. “By showcasing this innovative method, I hope to support my fellow photographers in sharing their art with a broader audience.

“The most significant reason behind choosing crowdfunding is my belief that hope is not an individual pursuit. I aim to build a community around this project, fostering an environment where people can share and inspire one another. Those who participate in this crowdfunding campaign are essentially offering each other support and solidarity by expressing their belief in the power of hope.”

Hope includes over 130 of Mittermeier’s striking images and text by the photographer herself. Available as a bilingual French and English edition, supporters have until early May to order during the crowdfunding campaign.

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