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War hell: Biden wears a helmet, takes bike ride at the beach

Thought Leader: Charles Hurt
March 22, 2022
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Opinion by Charles Hurt

One of President Abraham Lincoln’s greatest challenges prosecuting the Civil War, he reportedly once lamented, was that all of his best generals were otherwise occupied writing editorials for newspapers across the North.

No one has ever compared President Biden to Lincoln. But Mr. Biden faces a similar challenge as he resists the ocean of bloodlust in Washington to go to war against Russia in Ukraine. Luckily, Lincoln did not have to contend with the brave warriors of Twitter, or we would still be fighting the Civil War.

It has become a near-universal Truth in Washington today that the United States has a moral obligation to get into this conflict to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine — after more than 30 years of ignoring our own territorial integrity here in America.

The mere suggestion that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy might consider his options carefully as he is on his own and his people are suffering brutally brings particularly blood-curdling howls from the press jackals in Washington.

How dare we surrender to a freedom-killing bully like Russian President Vladimir Putin, the warrior journalists ask?

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