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Mark Morgan to Newsmax: US in ‘Alternate Universe’

Mark Morgan on Newsmax
Thought Leader: Mark Morgan
January 7, 2024
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The United States is now living in an “alternate universe” with a government that is intentionally driving the chaos at the southern border, former acting Customs and Border Commissioner Mark Morgan said Sunday on Newsmax.

“Look, you can’t make this up,” Morgan told Newsmax’s “Sunday Agenda,” during an appearance with former Drug Enforcement Agency Director of Special Operations Derek Maltz. “No person with intellectual honesty could deny the chaos and lawlessness that’s going on at our border, and this has been intentionally driven by this administration, the abdication of the constitutional responsibility to protect and defend our borders.”

Meanwhile, the state of Texas is facing legal action from the Biden administration after stepping up with the state’s Operation Lone Star in March 2021, said Morgan.

The operation has led to more than a half-million encounters with illegal migrants, and 38,000 criminals have been arrested, with 34,000 of them charged with federal law violations, he added.

“They’ve recovered over 500 million lethal doses of fentanyl, and now the federal government is actively trying to stop the state of Texas from securing and defending its own borders,” said Morgan.

Democrats, Morgan said, are claiming the immigration system is broken, but “it’s just one of a series of lies that this administration keeps pushing on.”

But the same loopholes on immigration were there under former President Donald Trump, said Morgan.

“By February 2020, we had developed a network of tools and policies within that legal framework that had reduced illegal immigration by 85% and put more Border Patrol agents back on the front lines,” said Morgan.

Biden, along with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, “dismantled that network of tools” that was in play, he continued.

“Secretary Mayorkas has neutered ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to where they’re unable to do their job to lawfully deport people,” Morgan said.

Maltz, meanwhile, said the choice this November is between “good versus evil, and clearly what we’re seeing now is evil. There’s no rule of law.”

But fentanyl is killing thousands, said Maltz “because production in Mexico is off the charts, and the cartels have total impunity to bring this poison into the country.”

He added that the DEA is already seeing this year 75 million fake pills, or 11,000 pounds of fentanyl on the streets “because the cartels are just flooding the streets of America and this administration is facilitating it.”

One does not have to be a border expert to realize Mayorkas has been lying to Congress and the public from his first day in office, said Maltz.

“How do you say you have operational control of the border?” he said. “Is he paying attention to the videos of these brave men and women reporters that are putting out on social media thousands of unknowns coming into the country? So yes, he should be impeached…I’m losing confidence in Congress’ ability to take the right action to keep Americans safe.”

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