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Mark Morgan to Newsmax: The Current Border Situation

Mark Morgan Smiling
Thought Leader: Mark Morgan
April 7, 2024
Source: Newsmax

Even with all the incentives given for immigrants to come into the United States, it’s still a crime to cross the border anywhere but designated ports of entry, but the border situation has become a “joke” under President Joe Biden, former acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan told Newsmax Sunday.

“It was just a couple of weeks ago, we saw El Paso where they physically, knowingly, and with intent disregarded the orders of the U.S. military, uniformed personnel, and rushed them, physically assaulting several of them,” Morgan said on Newsmax’s “Sunday Agenda.”

Each of the immigrants involved in the melee should be charged, convicted, and then removed from the United States, said Morgan.

But under Biden, “we’ve seen a level of chaos and lawlessness we’ve never seen before in our nation’s history.”

Meanwhile, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has “stepped aside” and allowed massive numbers of migrants to enter the United States, and only now he’s stopping forward to “make some feigned attempt like he’s going to do something.”

But that’s only because López Obrador wants to keep Biden in the White House “so we can continue to do what I think is extortion,” said Morgan.

Meanwhile, the chaos at the border was caused by a policy issue, not a funding matter; so the funding bill that included border security would have done nothing to reverse course with respect to Biden’s open border policies, said Morgan.

“It’s just going to allow them to get better at processing and releasing individuals,” he said, calling it a “bunch of crap” for Biden and Democrats to blame Republicans for the border standoff.

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