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Lessons of the coronavirus pandemic for the future of global health: Caitlin Rivers | Rivers on the threat of RSV to children

Thought Leader: Caitlin Rivers
November 17, 2022

Rivers on the threat of RSV to children:

“It is a very widespread problem. The virus that’s circulating the most is RSV or Respiratory Syncytial Virus. This is a virus that is very common and spreads very easily both through the air and through contaminated surfaces. For most older children, for working age adults, it causes a cold. But for young babies and for older adults it can be very serious. Hospitalizations for RSV right now are the highest we’ve seen in years for children under the age of one year old. If you have cold symptoms, even if they’re not a big deal to you, I really encourage you to stay home if you can and wear a mask if you have to go out. Because it’s those young babies that we’re thinking about.” -Caitlin Rivers (Video: Washington Post Live)

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