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Lessons of the coronavirus pandemic for the future of global health: Caitlin Rivers | Rivers on COVID-19’s origin

Thought Leader: Caitlin Rivers
November 17, 2022

Rivers on COVID-19’s origin:

“I think this is a really difficult area that, from my perspective, will never be settled to the highest evidentiary standard. I don’t think we will ever truly know from where the pandemic originated. I think it most likely originated from animals because most new infectious diseases are. But again, I’m not sure that we’ll ever get that final say. But I think it’s enough to recognize that it is a possibility, maybe, that labs can be sources of leaks, of accidents, of spillover events. And I think just that observation, enough to know that it’s possible, is reason to continue to focus on lab safety and lab biosecurity as important strategies for reducing our overall risk.” -Caitlin Rivers (Video: Washington Post Live)

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