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Interview: Tomi Lahren

Thought Leader: Tomi Lahren
September 21, 2016
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By Mark Bode (original source Harvard Political Review) 

“Harvard Political Review: We’ll start where your show ends, with Final Thoughts. How do you and your team select the topics?

Tomi Lahren: Final Thoughts started a few years ago with my first show, on One America. It was the closing segment, and it came from whatever was on my mind that day. They started out not all being political—it was just things from daily life, things I observed, whatever caught my attention that day. After I went viral with those Chattanooga Final Thoughts, where I laid the smackdown on President Obama, then they became a little bit more political.

Now I write everything that I say. Every minute of my show is written by me. Nobody brings me a topic, nobody brings me words or phrases. It’s all from me, from my heart. So love me or hate me, it’s me. I’m authentic and genuine.”

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