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Influential National Geographic Photographer Campaigns for Protection of Marine Life

Thought Leader: Paul Nicklen
April 14, 2018
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By Charlotte Pointing (original source Live Kindly)

National Geographic photographer and co-founder of ocean conservation organization SeaLegacy, Paul Nicklen is campaigning for the protection of marine life against the driftnet fishing industry.

The photographer recently shared a photo of a mola mola fish trapped in a net off the California coast to his 4.2 million Instagram followers.

“There is no telling how long this mola mola struggled to escape this drift net,” Nicklen wrote. “It amazes me that such inefficient and cruel fishing practices are used so close to the shores of California. This fishery has an incredibly high by-catch rate. For every swordfish pulled on board up to seven other marine animals come with it. Is having swordfish on our menu worth killing these charismatic species?”

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