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Game of drones: maverick P.W. Singer’s future vision

Thought Leader: P.W. Singer
December 5, 2015
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By Nick Bryant (original source The Sydney Morning Herald) 

“The old adage has it that generals always make the mistake of fighting the last war. P. W. Singer has built his reputation as one of America’s foremost thinkers on conflict in the 21st century by arguing that the next war is already being fought. In the crusty world of Washington thinktanks, a gerontocracy of retired defence chiefs, balding diplomats and one-time West Wingers, this 40-year-old policy wonk cuts a dashing figure. Wearing sharp suits and open-necked shirts, a rarity still at workplaces within DC’s insular Beltway, Singer looks more like the head of a Silicon Valley start-up, a mover and shaker who belongs in the pages of Esquire rather than that venerable journal of geopolitics, Foreign Affairs.”

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