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Obama’s Cybersecurity Plan is Meant to Secure His Legacy

Thought Leader: P.W. Singer
February 10, 2016
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(Original source Wired)

“The end of White House terms are often about trying to shape historic legacies, and President Obama is out to build his in the new area of cybersecurity. Yesterday, he released a new “Cybersecurity National Action Plan” that argues it is “Taking bold actions to protect Americans in today’s digital world.”

There are a lot of easy jokes to make about issuing such a plan after incidents that range from the breach of the Office of Personnel Management to the Pentagon, as well as in every business sector, from banks to movie studios. The new plan seeks to close a barn door that left open the personal records of some 22 million Americans, while programs that range from jet fighters to critical infrastructure have been repeatedly breached. But in both the real world and cybersecurity, there is not much value in crying over hacked milk, other than to score cheap political points on a president who isn’t running for re-election.”

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