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Future: An Axios Expert Voices Discussion Event in Barcelona, Spain

Sara Fischer Axios Media Discussion
Thought Leader: Sara Fischer
February 28, 2024
Source: Axios

The big picture: Axios headed to Barcelona to host an Expert Voices roundtable discussion event over dinner that convened experts across several different facets of children’s online safety. The conversation dove into ways regulators, tech platforms and parents alike are grappling with the issue of keeping kids safe online without upending the entire web.

Why it matters: Five CEOs of the biggest tech companies just testified before Congress about the issue of children’s online safety, signaling the prominence the problem has taken on at a legislative level, yet there is an unclear path forward in the U.S. for policy aimed at protecting children from things like exploitation and bullying online.

What they’re saying: Attendees echoed the sentiment that there is not one single entity alone that is responsible for protecting children online, and noted how the issue is largely centered around debates about whether corporations or regulators are primarily responsible for creating rules that enhance youth online safety. The issue is becoming all the more pressing as AI gains more traction in its ability to depict, deceive and reach children in harmful ways – at the same time, AI could potentially be used to enact guardrails and verification tools that could help protect children online.

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