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Exclusive: Courier Newsroom plots expansion ahead of 2024 election

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Thought Leader: Sara Fischer
August 15, 2023
Source: AXIOS

Courier Newsroom, a local news group with a progressive perspective, is launching a new newsroom in Nevada Tuesday, and it’s planning to launch two more newsrooms in Texas and New Hampshire in the coming months, said its publisher Tara McGowan.

Why it matters: Courier is open about its partisan lens and funding, which McGowan says differentiates its efforts from that of “pink slime” networks on the right and left.

Details: The Nevadan will launch this week. The new bilingual newsroom will be led by Emilia Pablo Bazán.

Between the lines: In addition to its local expansion, Courier will also do more to expand its brand nationally.

Be smart: Courier grew its presence locally in large part through paid media. As tech platforms crack down on news and politics, McGowan said the firm has increasingly had to rely on its organic reach, as opposed to paid acquisition, to grow.

The big picture: Courier’s model has sparked a conversation about where the line should be drawn between advocacy and journalism.

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