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Braigo Labs™ Launches “Braigo™ Platform” Web Application

Thought Leader: Shubham Banerjee
August 18, 2016
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(Original source Braigo Labs) 

“One of the biggest and most common challenges today faced by the visually impaired community worldwide is information consumption in the Internet age. Information is often visual-based, whether on the Internet or in our daily lives. While many companies and nonprofit organizations have invested in creating multiple different tools over time, many are standalone solutions and require upfront training. Some come with a hefty price tag while others are free. Existing screen readers or accessibility tools on our computers today are not able to explain what an image says. This challenge extends across multiple languages and countries.

Braigo Labs feels that technology can bridge the gap by creating a software platform for the visually impaired. We embarked on a journey to create one platform for accessibility needs with a roadmap that will try to integrate new and existing technologies as a complete solution under the Braigo Platform umbrella.”

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