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Biden loses ground with working-class Black, Latino voters

Josh Kraushaar in AXIOS
Thought Leader: Josh Kraushaar
August 6, 2023
Source: AXIOS
Written by: Josh Kraushaar

One of the main reasons President Biden is struggling in polls against former President Trump is his glaring underperformance with a constituency that has long been overwhelmingly Democratic: non-white voters without a college degree.

Why it matters: As Democrats have made major gains with suburban and upper-middle-class voters since Trump’s political ascendance, they’ve been losing support among blue-collar voters.

By the numbers: In the New York Times/Siena poll released last week, Biden failed to win majority support from non-white voters who hadn’t graduated from college.

Between the lines: Many of these voters are moderates, not progressives — especially when it comes to the polarizing cultural issues that Republicans are increasingly focused on.

Go deeper: Ruy Teixeira, an elections analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, flagged several key issues dragging down Democratic support with non-white working-class voters, based on recent polling.

What they’re saying: “In 2020, very few Democrats thought their support against the hated and presumably toxic Trump could possibly slip among nonwhite working-class voters. But it did. I wouldn’t be so sure it couldn’t happen again,” Teixeira wrote.

Reality check: Democrats held many of these same vulnerabilities heading into the 2022 midterms yet overperformed expectations last year.

The bottom line: The fact that Biden’s political fortunes aren’t improving with a healthier economy is a sign that social and cultural issues still matter a lot in our politics.

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