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Apple co-founder ‘Woz’ worries about the future of Artificial Intelligence too

Thought Leader: Steve Wozniak
March 30, 2015
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By Brandon Martin (original source Bloomberg) 

“Steve Wozniak is certainly not the first to speak out against artificial intelligence. However, it’s worth noting that the Apple co-founder is considered amongst a growing list of pioneers in the tech world who fear artificial intelligence and the impact it could have on human life in the future. Lately, bothElon Musk and Bill Gates spoke out about their concerns regarding artificial intelligence and what it might mean for human life, but many of those concerns were played down, or considered overreactions within the industry.

To be fair, computers are still significantly behind humans. In fact, right now the fastest supercomputer in the world – can only process one second of the human brain – in roughly ten minutes. So, to feel concerned about what artificial intelligence could do in the next few years – isn’t nearly as big of a concern as it is looking at what it could be doing a couple decades from now.”

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