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17 things you didn’t know about the Apple 1

Thought Leader: Steve Wozniak
June 29, 2015
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By Hannah Bouckley (original source BT)

“Recently the news a woman took a computer worth£130,000 to a recycling centre made headlines around the world.  That computer was the Apple-1 and you can be forgiven for never having heard of it because very few units were ever made.

Forty years ago this week, on June 29, 1975, Steve Wozniak showed the prototype of this new computer to his great friend Steve Jobs.

The hand-built machine was the first product developed by a then little-known company called Apple Inc and was the first step in a computing and mobile revolution the impact of which we are still feeling 40 years later.

Here are 17 facts you may not know about the Apple-1.”

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