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Vice President Pence on Biden’s First Veto

Mike Pence Worldwide Speakers Group
Thought Leader: Mike Pence
March 20, 2023

Advancing American Freedom founder Vice President Pence today issued a statement on Biden’s veto of the Anti-ESG Resolution that was passed with bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate.

“Democrats and Republicans in Congress recognized that American workers deserve a say in where their hard-earned savings are invested,” said Advancing American Freedom founder Vice President Mike Pence. “Unfortunately, the Biden administration is entrenched in woke corporate culture so deeply that it has put the prosperity of the American people at risk. We must reject the unelected cabal of bureaucrats, regulators, and activist investors who seek to promote companies based on their adherence to left-wing values.”


Pence’s organization, Advancing American Freedom, has been leading conservatives pushing for the resolution with a coalition letter to Congress signed by over 100 conservative leaders and organizations, and also ran ad campaigns in Arizona and Montana calling for support of the resolution. Senator Tester of Montana voted yes on the resolution.

In April of 2022, Vice President Pence delivered remarks at Rice University, calling out those who sought to weaponize the U.S. financial system to “destroy energy producers from within.”

Vice President Pence also has written two nationally-syndicated pieces in RealClearMarkets and the Wall Street Journal calling for conservatives to take up the mantle against the Radical Left’s ESG agenda.

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