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(Podcast) What death can teach us about living well with Rana Adwish, MD

Nataly Kogan Awesome Human Podcast
Thought Leader: Nataly Kogan
August 8, 2022
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This special episode kicks off with a classical piano performance by Nataly’s daughter Mia! (If you need some soul fuel, you will not want to miss it!)

Nataly then talks with Rana Awdish, MD, FCCP, who is the author of In Shock, a critically-acclaimed, bestselling memoir based on her own illness. Rana is a critical care physician and faculty member of Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan and an artist.

Nataly and Rana talk about:
  • The power of compassion in medicine and as a way to heal ourselves
  • What coming close to death teaches us about what’s truly important
  • How Rana’s illness made her a better doctor

And much, much more!

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