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Odyssey Marine Exploration opens new treasure exhibit

Thought Leader: Mark Gordon
January 22, 2016
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(Original source WFLA)

“Tampa-based Odyssey Marine Exploration is bringing treasure, artifacts and even some pirate relics to a new exhibit at the St. Petersburg Museum of History.

“(There will be) dozens of artifacts, some of which we haven’t displayed before – most notably the bell from the SS Republic.We have a World War II casualty, where we recovered 100 tons of silver bullion. We’ll actually have one of those 80-pound silver bars here on display,” Odyssey CEO Mark Gordon said.

The exhibit will feature gold coins, silver and a 500-pound cannon recovered from the ocean floor of the Straights of Gibraltar. “It came from a barbary pirate ship. They were interesting. They were black pirates that took white slaves, white European slaves,” Gordon explained.”

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