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LinkedIn doubles down on news as social rivals retreat

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Thought Leader: Sara Fischer
March 5, 2024
Source: AXIOS
Written by: Sara Fischer

LinkedIn is investing more in journalism and news amid a broader pullback by tech rivals from the industry, the company’s editor-in-chief and vice president Dan Roth told Axios in an interview.

Why it matters: LinkedIn alone won’t be able to make up for the dramatic reduction in traffic referrals from social media sites to news publishers, but it does offer outlets and journalists a platform to meaningfully grow their audiences amid a broader tech crackdown on news content.

Driving the news: LinkedIn works with over 400 news publishers globally, Roth said, after expanding to 12 new markets in the last six months.

Professional-grade content from journalists and publishers is often used as a starting point for everyday LinkedIn members to engage more, Roth said. Because of the company’s professional focus, political and polarizing content is not intentionally elevated the way business content is.

How it works: Unlike its rivals, LinkedIn is constantly looking for ways to drive traffic to relevant news content with things like publisher notifications and featured posts from LinkedIn News that draw from the published content on its site.

Context: Over the years, LinkedIn has shifted from providing mostly text-based support and links to now providing newsletter, podcast and video opportunities for publishers, journalists and creators on its platform.

Zoom in: In addition to engagement, the company is also pushing to help publishers monetize their content better through advertising partnerships.

The big picture: LinkedIn offers newsrooms an outlet to grow their followings amid a broader news retrenchment by social media firms.

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