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Interview: Hank Paulson on dealing with China and Xi Jinping

Thought Leader: Henry M. Paulson
April 26, 2015
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(original source Yahoo! News)

“Henry Paulson’s ties to China date back 25 years and span more than 100 visits. As chairman of Goldman Sachs and as US Treasury Secretary during the George W. Bush administration, his contacts and relations with Chinese officials and leaders grew wide and deep. In 2006 he went out of his way to meet a relatively unknown provincial leader named Xi Jinping, now China’s president. Mr. Paulson’s approach to the Middle Kingdom has been described as “engagement without illusions.”

Paulson is engaged with both China’s economy and its natural world and environment, one of his passions. “Dealing with China,” his new book, reflects on his experiences as well as ongoing efforts with China through the Paulson Institute in Chicago. Paulson hopes the book will be published in China but says he won’t accept any cuts or alterations. He spoke recently with The Christian Science Monitor.”

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