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Ep 72: Serving Over Selling: A $750M Journey in Autonomy and Innovation with Shawn Meaike

Thought Leader: Shawn Meaike
February 1, 2024

Dive into the latest Direct Approach podcast episode, where Wayne engages in a riveting discussion with Shawn Meaike, the trailblazing Founder and CEO of Family First Life. Shawn’s extraordinary journey, catapulting his business from an $11 million debut to an impressive 30,000 agents and $750 million in annual revenue in 2023, is rooted in defying convention and expertly balancing autonomy for unprecedented growth. Explore the ingenious strategies behind this meteoric rise and gain insights into the dynamic intersection of scaling, funding and technological innovation. Shawn’s practical guidance is a must-listen for leaders and entrepreneurs aspiring to authentically scale and fund their ventures.

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