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Chasing Life: A Little Help From My Friends

Thought Leader: Sanjay Gupta
July 11, 2023

When you’re young, making friends can feel pretty simple, but as you age it can be harder. But it’s important to have friends and there’s scientific proof that quality relationships are important for healthy aging. How can good friendships improve our health outcomes as we age? And how do we make friends at every stage of life? On this episode of Chasing Life, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reunites with author, psychologist and friendship expert, Marisa Franco to talk about why having good friends is good for our health and the current loneliness epidemic. Plus she’ll share tips on how to make friends, at any age. Plus, a conversation between Sanjay and his best friend of almost 40 years, Sujit.

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