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Americans are tuning out politics news ahead of 2024 election

US News and Political Sites
Thought Leader: Sara Fischer
February 6, 2024
Source: AXIOS
Written by: Sara Fischer

Engagement with political news and news generally is down considerably compared to the last presidential primary election cycle, as Americans continue to funnel their attention toward lighter topics, like sports and entertainment.

Why it matters: Record news interest last presidential election cycle, while bolstered by the onset of the pandemic, helped lead to the highest voter turnout in the 21st century — and near-record numbers among younger voters.

Be smart: In this election cycle, while former President Trump and President Biden still take a considerable share of overall news interest, attention is flowing more to a wider set of storylines outside of the election and hard news.

Details: Fewer people are reading news and political articles this cycle compared to last, according to data from Similarweb.

Yes, but: NewsWhip acknowledges that engagement may have shifted from platforms like Instagram, Facebook and X to other platforms, such as TikTok, that are less suitable for links to news sites.

Between the lines: Debates and political town halls are struggling to capture America’s attention, pushing networks to pivot.

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