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Accelerate the Fight Against Climate Change

Thought Leader: Henry M. Paulson
January 24, 2019
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By Henry M. Paulson Jr. (original source Paulson Institute)

“The fact that climate change poses an extreme risk to the global economy, plunders our environment, and threatens national security is, by now, well documented. The questions are how to adapt and prepare for the adverse changes that are already a predictable reality, and what can be done to avoid the worst-case outcomes that threaten to dramatically change life on this planet as we know it?

The scientific consensus that we face huge risks resulting from man-made carbon emissions is overwhelming, but it has been too conservative and has understated the threat. The oceans have been warming much quicker than predicted, giving us less time to act. But we have the tools and knowledge to meet this challenge with existing financing models and regulatory policies. What is needed is the political will to act. As world leaders meet this week in Davos, they should find concrete ways to move forward collectively on climate solutions.”

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