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A Q&A with the former secretary

Thought Leader: Ray LaHood
October 4, 2015
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By Chris Kaergard (original source Pekin Daily Times)

“Former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood sat down for an extensive interview with Peoria Journal Star political reporter Chris Kaergard about the themes contained in his forthcoming book, “Seeking Bipartisanship: My Life in Politics.”

Here’s an edited transcript of their discussion:

Q: You’re pretty up front during the beginning of the book about some of the things you had attempted, like the bipartisan retreats, that did not turn out in quite the way you hoped.

A: When we started the bipartisan retreats, we had almost 200 members of Congress, almost equally divided. We had probably 150 spouses, we had over 100 kids. It was a great, great weekend of people really getting to know one another. That was the high water mark, and things obviously went downhill from there in terms of attendance, in terms of cynicism, of people not really wanting to participate.”

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