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14-Year-Old Inventor Creates Braille Printer From Legos At The Age Of 12

Thought Leader: Shubham Banerjee
April 15, 2016
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By Rebecca West (original source Inventor Spot) 

“What were you doing at 12? Were you inventing things or still playing with toys? Well, one young boy from Santa Clara, California, was doing both. Now, at the ripe old age of 14, Shubham Banerjee is the founder of Braigo Labs Inc., a “humanely optimized technology company” devoted to making a difference in the lives of others. It was founded back in 2014 when Shubham was still only 12, but two years later he has 11 employees and is the recipient of several prestigious awards for young movers and shakers in the scientific and invention communities.


While already placing regularly at science fairs, he somehow got the idea to try and make a Braille printer. It wasn’t long before he was doing it for real with Legos. Originally, his mother thought she was getting played by her 12-year-old son in order to get out of doing homework. Besides her house being taken over with the brightly colored building squares that snap together, he wasn’t doing much of anything else. That’s because he was focused on his latest invention, the Braigo Braille printer made from Legos.”

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