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US must wake up and see China for what it really is – Before it’s too late

Thought Leader: Newt Gingrich
October 21, 2019
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By Newt Gingrich (Original source Fox News)

“For many decades, Americans thought communist-ruled China would evolve into a free and open system similar to our own. We were completely wrong.

In truth, Xi Jinping became the general secretary of the People’s Republic of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission in November 2012. He became the president of the People’s Republic of China in March 2013.

During Xi’s tenure, there has been a significant increase in censorship and mass surveillance, a significant deterioration in human rights, and the removal of term limits for the Chinese presidency.

The Chinese Communist Party has initiated a social credit scoring system, so that Chinese people are constantly monitored and scored based on their lifestyles, party loyalty, and public and private statements.

People who score poorly (according to the Chinese Communist Party) are denied access to public transportation, Internet connectivity, good colleges and schools, and a host of other social institutions. Some who score very poorly may simply disappear.”

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