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Carla A. Harris Receives Anthem Award for Outstanding Contributions in DEI

Carla Harris - DEI Award
Thought Leader: Carla Harris
February 7, 2024

In recognition of her unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the corporate world, Carla A. Harris, celebrated Wall Street veteran, award-winning author, gospel singer, and renowned motivational speaker, was honored with an Anthem Award for her third book, “Lead to Win.” The accolade was bestowed in the category of “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Business Leader of the Year,” during the Third Annual Anthem Awards, organized by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

Even beyond the financial realm, Harris has consistently stood as a source of inspiration and an advocate for promoting diverse and inclusive leadership in the business world.

Claradith Landry, a distinguished chief diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) Officer based in Washington, D.C., praised Harris’ achievement.

“I think what I really do like about her commentary… is that ‘in the midst of chaos, there’s opportunity,” said Landry, who met Harris in 2019 at the Black Enterprise Annual Conference.

Reggie Van Lee, executive partner and managing director at AlixPartners, added his perspective on Carla Harris’s exceptional career.

“Carla is an extraordinary leader with a unique and impressive mixture of both high IQ and high EQ (emotional intelligence).  I’ve known her for nearly four decades, from the days we worked together at Booz [Allen Hamilton], and she was always a person whose work ethic, business acumen and significant impact I’ve admired,” Van Lee emphasized, highlighting the enduring impact of Carla Harris’s leadership and influence.

Longtime friend and public relations professional Jenise La Vel Super, also praised Harris for her dedication to DEI.

“Celebrating and leveraging our differences enable us individually, and collectively as organizations, to win.”

In a world where chaos often surrounds discussions of diversity, equity and inclusion, Harris remains a guiding light. Landry emphasized.

“We are in a moment of being in chaos when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion, reduced investment in the field, people being removed, and the entire profession being judged by actions of a few.”

With the world’s and life’s challenges, Landry said Harris is the kind of leader and thinker to help others overcome.

“When you think of Carla, you think of a leader who’s there to win, to inspire others, and to create calm and a plan that benefits all.”

Business leaders and those celebrating the Anthem Award honoree emphasized that Harris’ mission, to celebrate and leverage diversity and inclusion is the “holy grail” of success. Landry said Harris’ work continues to inspire change on a global scale.

“She’s setting the example for other leaders such as myself to emulate and lead us through the chaos.”

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