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Anderson Cooper 360º: Supreme Court clears way for House to get Trump’s taxes

Anderson Cooper 360 Graphic
Thought Leader: Anderson Cooper
November 23, 2022

The Supreme Court cleared the way for the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee to receive former President Trump’s tax returns. Trump’s legal team has tried to keep the returns secret and turned to the Supreme Court after they lost a case in a lower court. CNN Legal Analyst John Dean tells AC360 he thinks this is the “end of the road” for Trump’s fight and there are “no avenues for him to go to other courts.”

Plus, authorities say they are “making progress” in the investigation into the murders of four University of Idaho students but they haven’t released any information on a suspect or motive. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe joins AC360 and shares what he makes of the lack of details from officials, more than a week after the killings.

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