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Americans Want the Border Crisis Solved

Gingrich 360 Immigration
Thought Leader: Newt Gingrich
July 19, 2023
Source: Gingrich 360
Written by: Newt Gingrich

Several polls and focus groups at America’s New Majority Project and other polling firms clearly show that the American people decisively reject the establishment’s view of illegal immigration and border management.

Specifically, the American people believe the Biden administration and the Democrats are failing catastrophically to defend our country. They also believe many of the immigrants themselves are being exploited and harmed by the cartels.

The stunning success of the new movie “The Sound of Freedom” is an important market indicator that shows many Americans are deeply concerned about human trafficking and especially the exploitation of children.

The American people do not want open borders, amnesty for people entering the United States illegally, or the Biden administration’s handling of the border.

Here are some examples of how strongly the American people feel about the current failure of the Biden administration:

Some 69 percent of all Americans think there is a crisis on the border. That is nearly four times more than the 19 percent who believe there is no crisis (12 percent were not sure).

By 70 percent to 19 percent, Americans favor the President declaring a state of emergency to help southern border towns with illegal immigration. This includes 61percent of Latinos and 58 percent of Democrats.

Americans believe the crisis on the border has real national security implications. Sixty-three percent of voters believe it is absolutely essential to secure the southern border as a matter of national security. Almost the same number (62 percent) believe that state governors have a responsibility to secure the southern border if the federal government fails to do its job.

Dangerous Mexican drug cartels are driving Americans’ concerns over the border. Nearly four-in-five Americans (79 percent) believe Mexican drug cartels pose a serious threat to the United States. That is five times the number who feel unthreatened by the drug cartels (16 percent).

In fact, 70 percent of Americans want the cartels designated as terrorist organizations. This would allow the full weight of the United States military and intelligence systems to attack and undermine them. Sens. Rick Scott and Roger Marshall have introduced the Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act to respond to Americans’ growing concerns.

By more than 4:1 (60 percent to 14 percent) voters believe illegal immigrants should be expelled – and asylum seekers should be reviewed and either have asylum granted or be removed from the country. In a further tightening of the rules, 15 percent believe amnesty should only be available for asylum seekers and not for the general population of illegal immigrants. Interestingly, 23 percent of Hispanics polled held this view.

It is clear the American people have reached a consensus far different from the Biden administration or the elite media want to admit. It is also a consensus that opposes the attitudes of many big businesses who seem to want cheap labor at any cost.

The Congress has an obligation to respond to the American people that it represents. It should pass strong legislation now to control the border and destroy the cartels. It should establish an orderly, efficient review process that removes those who have broken the law to get into America. At the same time, it should strengthen the opportunity for immigrants to come to America and enrich our economy and society legally.

The appropriations process should insist on controlling the border. Appropriators should defund those elements of government which are failing to do their jobs. Officials who are failing – either by design or incompetence – should be defunded.

President Abraham Lincoln advocated government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The American people have rendered judgement. Now it is time for their elected officials to reflect and act upon the will of the people.

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