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Now Available: Everyday Dharma by Suneel Gupta

September 9, 2023

Suneel Gupta Everyday Dharma Book Cover


The New Book, Everyday Dharma: Timeless Techniques for Finding Happiness in Your Work by Happiness Expert and Bestselling Author, Suneel Gupta in Now Available!

An expert on happiness and work, Suneel Gupta argues that for too long society has been fixated on the Future of Work and ignored the Future of Worth. We’ve compartmentalized work and well-being and ignored the fact that both are essential for sustained success. We’ve assumed that outer success leads to inner well-being–despite history showing us that this has never been the case.

Everyday Dharma provides an accessible three-step approach to discovering, understanding, and living your “sacred calling.” At its center are self-assessments to help you identify your passions and powerful rituals for building new habits—ancient practices supported by science and found in diverse cultural sources, including Toni Morrison’s novels, Jimi Hendrix’s lyrics, and Frida Kahlo’s paintings, and used by the likes of Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi.

Suneel Gupta’s Speaker Page Order the Book

Watch the Video: Happiness expert and best-selling author on finding our inner calling

Watch the Video: Suneel Summarizes New Speech – “Purpose in Action: Bringing Who You Are to Everything You Do.”

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