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Maximize Your Speaker Investment: Effective Takeaways That Will Increase Success at Your Next Event

Niall Ferguson Speaking
November 30, 2023

At WWSG, we’ve deployed numerous speakers globally and collaborated extensively with esteemed meeting planners, ranging from leading associations to Fortune 50 companies. Drawing from this wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, we’ve compiled a set of 6 key insights aimed at enhancing the value of your speaker investment. The ensuing recommendations are designed to elevate the overall success of your event and maximize your speaker investment.


Networking Opportunities: VIPs and distinguished guests often attend receptions associated with events. Consider inviting the speaker to partake in these gatherings before or after their presentation, offering additional access.

As a value-added initiative, create exclusive “meet and greet” supplementary events to foster connections between the speaker and selected VIP guests.

Speaker Preparation Spaces

Green Rooms: Experienced event producers recognize the invaluable nature of dedicated speaker spaces. These areas serve as the speaker’s check-in point and provide a private zone for them to prepare for their presentation.

A TV or monitor with a live feed serves as a valuable tool, helping speakers stay informed about ongoing events. Many speakers absorb the atmosphere on stage before their speech, incorporating earlier sentiments into their presentation.

Books and Book Signings

Authorship Integration: Many esteemed speakers also double as authors, and their books often complement the keynotes and speeches they deliver.

A recommended approach for personalizing books is to procure custom bookplates, allowing the host organization to affix its brand to a statement accompanying the author’s signature.

Photo Opportunities

Capturing Memorable Moments: Facilitating photo opportunities with a celebrity, speaker, or public figure can be both rewarding and challenging, requiring careful management to avoid overwhelm or intimidation.

Hiring a professional digital photographer not only helps manage lines efficiently but also ensures high-quality photos, including shots of VIPs or candid moments capturing the speaker’s interaction with the audience.

Tailor the Q&A Experience

Incorporating a Q&A session into a presentation can be an excellent idea, contingent on your venue, session structure, and the dynamics of your audience and speaker(s). However, when not meticulously planned and executed, a Q&A session may detract from the overall success of the program instead of enhancing it.

In larger settings, consider using “roving mics” or “mic runners” for improved flexibility. Ensure an ample supply of microphones to reach any audience member promptly.

Social Media

Build Anticipation: Generate pre-event excitement through strategic social media efforts. Craft compelling posts for standard channels, always incorporating a custom hashtag to unify content. Encourage attendees and followers to utilize these hashtags, amplifying the visibility of featured speakers.

If permitted, promote the event speaker’s social media handles, leveraging their notoriety to connect their audience with yours.

Events are substantial investments requiring careful planning. Each organization aspires to host a seamless and memorable function, leaving the audience with a sense of satisfaction or gratitude for participating in a well-orchestrated and successful event. By implementing these strategies, you can mitigate potential issues and provide the cohesiveness appreciated by your audience.

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