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September 13, 2023

Teamwork Diversity

WWSG offers many influential thought leaders who can inspire and energize audiences of professionals and speak on topics like productivity, the future of work, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. These speakers will prove to be both timely and highly beneficial to your company culture during periods of adjustment. Best of all? Whatever you decide, our thought leaders offer both virtual and in-person speaking options.

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While Executive Director of the NFL Players Association, DeMaurice Smith negotiated comprehensive collective bargaining agreements and is the longest serving Executive Director of a major sport union in history. He was also Chief Executive Officer of the NFLPA’s for profit company, Player’s Incorporated, where he guided annual revenues to over $200M and witnessed the largest growth in player’s marketing and licensing. Without a doubt, Smith knows how to organize and lead a workforce while keeping everyone’s head in the game. 

Recent Interview: The Exit Interview | Edge of Sports with Dave Zirin, Episode 1

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Elaine Chao is a lauded, results-driven expert in leading complex organizations during turbulent, media-saturated times. Her experiences in the highest echelon of longest-serving Cabinet members ever include former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, U.S. Secretary of Labor, and President & CEO of the United Way of America. Her speech topics reflect her varied expertise (Driving Organizations & Expectations, Managing Crises, Embracing & Leveraging Change). 

Recent Op-Ed: The sky’s the limit: It’s time to modernize air traffic control

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Dr. Dave A. Chokshi led New York City’s response to COVID-19 while serving as health commissioner from 2020-22. He was an organizational leader, a public spokesperson, a governmental official, and a doctor and scientist. Previously, he was also involved in responses to Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina. In his speeches, Dr. Chokshi distills out key leadership lessons in times of crisis, spanning management, communication, strategy, operations, and policy. 

Recent Op-Ed: Here’s How CDC Can Put the ‘Public’ Back in Public Health

Invite Dave Chokshi

Lisa Bodell is passionate about simplifying the path to meaningful work and innovation. As founder and CEO of FutureThink in NYC, she has helped people at Google, Novartis, and Accenture kill complexity and create space for innovation in the workplace. Bodell is also a contributing writer for Forbes and author of several books on simplifying life at work. 

Recent Article: Best Method For Worst-Case Scenario Planning

Invite Lisa Bodell

Solving problems, effectively empowering employees, and driving results are not easy tasks, but they are required of leaders. As CEO of the world’s first $100 billion information technology company, Carly Fiorina is all too familiar with the complex, difficult path of leadership – and the far-reaching strategic decisions that must be made with finesses and fortitude. She has grappled with many of these same tensions and faced these same challenges. 

 Recent Article: Finding Our Common Cause for America’s 250th Birthday

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