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Don’t Miss Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s New Podcast and Book PREY

February 9, 2021


Renowned Political Leader; National Security Expert; Human Rights Advocate and Islam Reformist; Author of the International Bestseller, Infidel

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim, has gained an international following for speaking and writing about what she believes to be the inherently violent nature of Islam and its subjugation and abuse of women. Ayaan’s popular speech topics include Islam in Europe: The Challenges and Opportunities of an Increasing Immigrant Population and The Emancipation of Muslim Women: Fact or Fiction? She is a true and sincere advocate to the fight against violence to women and young girls. To learn more about hosting Hirsi Ali, Contact Us.

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“Please know how much you have touched the lives and the thinking of all of us fortunate enough to hear you.”

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Book Cover - Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Prey

Released Today: PREY

Deeply researched and featuring fresh and often shocking revelations, Prey uncovers a sexual assault and harassment crisis in Europe that is turning the clock on women’s rights much further back than the #MeToo movement is advancing it.

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The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast - Main Graphic

Launched Yesterday: The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast

“What all my guests have in common is a passion for free inquiry and speech. They are not afraid to explore different perspectives, even if it means challenging their own assumptions, or violating cultural taboos. You, the audience can make up your minds which arguments make most sense to you.”

– Ayaan Hirsi Ali


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