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The Honorable Scott Morrison

30th Prime Minister of Australia

Australia’s 30th Prime Minister, Scott Morrison is the true definition of a leader with a 360º worldview. During his tenure, Morrison was tasked with several difficulties that required unique and innovative solutions. From managing the public safety of Australians during the pandemic to mitigating an economic crisis, controlling natural disasters, and leading the country while others were at war—Prime Minister Morrison led Australia with his particular brand of calm decisiveness and rationale. A globalization mastermind, Morrison lends his boundless influence and experience to audiences around the world.

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Speech Topics

Prime Minister Morrison is extremely adept at understanding the future of globalism, including threats to the rules-based international order, the role of UN and other multilateral institutions, the arc of autocracy versus liberal democracy, the security of supply chains, the digital economy, resources and commodities, global trade, and digital trade.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the risks to the rules-based order and global institutions that underpin global trade and security posed by the rise of authoritarian regimes and autocratic states challenging the post war global order
  • Understand the role and importance of micro-laterals in buttressing an international order under strain
  • Understand the likelihood and implications of global bifurcation across finance, trade, technology, energy and commodities arising from the emerging divide between autocratic states such as China, Russia and Iran and the west.
  • How and where to diversify and spread geopolitical and supply chain risk
  • Inform scenario planning and risk mitigation strategies in response to increasing global uncertainty
  • How will Government’s tax and regulate the new global and digital economy – from social media platforms, search engines and crypto to countering terrorism, organised crime and cyber security

In this presentation, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison describes Australia’s successful COVID response and results, and the leadership lessons gained from such an experience. Morrison can also expertly discuss the implications for the world economy, globalization, and regional security issues caused by COVID.

Audiences will takeaway…

  • Key principles for managing a crisis
  • How to diagnose and prioritise the right problems to solve
  • How to get the best out of experts and use information effectively to make good decisions
  • Managing stakeholders and taking people with you in a crisis
  • How to gain and keep perspective in a crisis
  • How to set the right goals and measure success in a crisis
  • How to exercise accountability while tasking and delegating responsibility
  • Why implementation and execution is as important for a leader as strategy and planning
  • How to build resilience for the next crisis when managing the current one
  • Understanding the implications of the pandemic for the global economy, supply chains and global politics – threats and opportunities

In this discussion, topic areas include: economic and strategic implications of great power competition, national responses, and cooperation by allies and like-mindeds, the AUKUS agreement and the QUAD, defence and cyber security, standing up to China, working with India and Japan, and dealing with South East Asia.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain an insiders understanding of the players, political and economic forces shaping the most dynamic region in the world today – background and current events
  • What does Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjian,the South China Sea, Senduko Islands, North Korea, Myanmar and a naval base in Cambodia have to do with where you live
  • How to differentiate between the substantive and non-substantive issues in dealing with the rise and increased assertiveness of China and the implications for the United States and it’s partners and allies
  • Identify the opportunities and threats for engaging in new supply chains being formed in response to great power competition in the region and why trust – not cost – is now the most important factor in global supply chains
  • Know where countries are investing to boost their defence resilience to contemporary and future threats in the Indo-Pacific, and how will AUKUS and the Quad shape this agenda
  • Understand how business and investors can benefit from aligning their strategies with Quad objectives and the new relationships being formed between Quad countries and their partners
  • How to deal with ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia who are looking to maintain their options with both China and the US.

The primary areas of discussion for this speech topic are technology pathways and public policy (including the role of government), climate resilience and mitigation, Australia’s hydrogen and clean energy production, the future of targets and trading schemes, developing economies, energy transition, and taming developing country emissions.

Key takeaways:

  • How best to work with government to develop new energy technologies
  • Understanding the real politics of energy in developed and developing countries and its impact on government policy
  • Why developing economies think about climate responses differently to western developed nations and what does this mean for partnering with developing economies in their energy transition
  • Which technologies are government’s banking on to achieve their climate goals, what are they doing about it and is this likely to change
  • Which countries and regions are most likely to be successful in the new global net zero emissions economy
  • How will the global net zero emissions economy reshape power dynamics in global politics and supply chains in the global economy
  • Why scale, affordability and reliability are the holy trinity of successful energy innovation for achieving global net zero emissions
  • How Australia will continue to deliver on the world’s energy needs in a net zero emissions global economy

In this important discussion, Prime Minister Morrison addresses the rise of secularism in western democracies, the impacts of social media and new technologies, the future of community, marginalisation of faith and Christianity, perils of identity politics, freedom of speech and the right to be offended.

Key takeaways:

  • Personal insights on the role that faith can play in leadership
  • Understand the significance of the major shifts taking place in western societies as they become more deeply secular and what this means for consumer behaviour, politics and Government regulation.
  • Why faith and religious freedom is important for a cohesive society
  • How modern identity politics can disempower individuals, discourage innovation and increase polarisation in society.
  • Why it is important for religious institutions to reclaim trust in western societies
  • Understanding the threats, opportunities and responsibilities of big tech and BioNtech in liberal democratic societies and what this means for Governments, companies and individuals.
  • Why a resilient culture that is confident in their foundational beliefs, committed to personal responsibility and accountability and capable of coping with offence is essential for western democracies to succeed in the future.


As Prime Minister of Australia from 2018 to 2022, Scott Morrison successfully led his nation through the most difficult and significant challenges Australia had faced since the Great Depression and the Second World War.

Under Mr. Morrison’s national leadership, Australia had the third lowest COVID fatality rate in the OECD, one of the highest vaccination rates in the world and an economic response that enabled Australia to outperform all G7 and most OECD nations in both employment and economic growth.

On the international stage, Mr. Morrison was known for his leadership role to counter an increasingly assertive China in the Indo-Pacific region. He pursued this by:
• his founding membership of the Quad leaders dialogue with India, Prime Japan, and the United States,
• as architect of the landmark AUKUS trilateral defence agreement between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, and
• restoring Australian defence spending to more than 2% of GDP.

Domestically, Mr. Morrison continued to steward the Australian economy to its lowest unemployment rate in almost 50 years, while being one of only nine countries in the world to maintain a AAA credit rating from all major international credit rating agencies.

Prior to becoming Prime Minister, Morrison served as Federal Treasurer for three years where he designed and implemented major income tax, banking, housing, consumer data right and financial technology reforms and restored the federal budget to balance prior to the 2020 pandemic. Mr. Morrison also served as Minister for Social Services and Minister for Immigration and Border Protection from 2013 to 2015. He was first elected to Parliament in 2007.

Prior to entering parliament, Mr. Morrison served in a series of senior executive roles in the private and Government sector in tourism, events and commercial real estate, both in Australia and New Zealand, including as Managing Director of Tourism Australia.

Scott Morrison holds a Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours in Economic Geography from the University of New South Wales, where he graduated in 1990.


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