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Kathryn Parsons

Founder & Co-CEO, Decoded; Pioneering Entrepreneur; Expert on the Impact of AI on Business and Society

Kathryn Parsons has delivered 500+ keynotes and talks to audiences of up to 2,000 people across the world. Driven by a desire to learn and to remove the fear, jargon, and cliches which made technology impenetrable, Kathryn Parsons founded Decoded in 2011 with merely a credit card and mission to teach anyone to code in a day. She believes code is just another language, the language of the future, and one that anyone can learn.

Her keynotes are designed to educate and inspire. Kathryn Parsons believes that transformation of skills and culture is possible at any age or stage of a career or business. Sharing cutting-edge case studies from across her work and the world of education, government, and business, she shows how technology is for everyone and why we must all give ourselves the permission to learn.

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Speech Topics

Kathryn Parsons can deliver a custom keynote address to your group, according to their needs and interests. Some sample themes include:

  • The Machine Learning Age: How technology is reshaping our lives and the economy
  • The Future of Work: What are the jobs, skills and mindsets needed in the future?
  • The AI Enterprise: How large organizations are adopting and deploying AI
  • The Lifelong Learning Revolution: When did we stop learning and how can we start again?
  • Cultures of Learning: How to create corporate cultures of learning and experimentation
  • AI in the Classroom: What does AI mean for the future of learning?
  • Climate Code: How technology can save the world
  • Entrepreneurship


Kathryn is founder and CEO of Decoded, a world-leader in technology education.  Decoded’s leadership workshops, technology immersions and skills bootcamps have educated over half a million people in code, data, AI and cyber literacy and skills over the past decade.  Her clients span the Global 2000 and policymakers in Washington and Whitehall.

Kathryn is on a mission to put the knowledge, tools and skills of the future in people’s hands, so that they can thrive in an increasingly technology driven world. Described as an “economic force”, in addition to founding her business, Kathryn successfully campaigned for coding to be added to the UK National Curriculum in 2014, making it one of the first countries to do so.  Millions of children have subsequently been introduced to computational thinking in the classroom.  As a result, Kathryn was awarded an MBE for Services to Education from The Queen.

Kathryn has sat on the boards of The UK Department for Business, Number Ten Downing Street, His Majesty’s Treasury, The London Mayor and Royal United Services Institute advising policymakers in Washington and Whitehall on the future of work and decoding emerging technologies such as AI.

Kathryn reports on the innovations and news in technology from Silicon Valley for media including The Times of London and Financial Times.


Kathryn inspired our community and have helped make the festival an unforgettable experience.

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