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Dan Coughlin

Corporate & Career Catalyst; Author, Find a Way to Win and The Management 500

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Travels From: Missouri | Fee Range: $15,000 - $25,000

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Sales are the cash flow engine in every organization. Sales people impact not only short-term cash flow, but also long-term customer relationships and the equity in the business. In this presentation, Dan Coughlin guides sales people to leverage their strengths and passions, deliver dramatically differentiated value to their customers and prospects, and generate the sales they need to make this quarter a success. He shows how great relationships create a steady flow of profitable sales. This is not a rah-rah sales rally, but rather an intensely practical session for sales people in all industries.

Your brand is your reputation in the marketplace. It’s not what you want to be; it’s what customers believe you are right now. Dan Coughlin, who has worked with such world-class brands as Abbott, Toyota, McDonald’s, Marriott, Prudential, Coca-Cola, and the St. Louis Cardinals, provides penetrating insights into the dos and don’ts of building the brand you want. He shows the critical and integrated relationship between purpose, business research, strategy, planning, execution, and marketing that ultimately determines the brand you have.

Innovation is about finding better ways to boost productivity, performance, and profitability. Dan Coughlin demystifies the process of innovation, and makes it simple, clear, and practical. He shows how every employee can generate breakthrough ideas to increase efficiency, expedite execution, and boost the bottom line. From scheduling thinking time to using the observation tower, audience members will walk away with ideas they can use instantly to generate powerful innovations.

Cross out your title. It has nothing to do with your ability to lead. In this high-energy, high-impact session, Dan Coughlin gives the Ten Leadership Actions necessary to influence key decision-makers at all levels. He shows how every employee can impact the way other people think and drive better sustainable results.


Dan Coughlin is a student and teacher of practical processes that improve business performance. For more than a decade, he has invested over 3,000 hours on-site observing and advising executives and business owners in a wide variety of functions and in more than thirty industries. He has provided hundreds of customized presentations on business acceleration across the United States. His keynote topics include leadership, branding, sales, and innovation.

He and his clients constantly work to hone simple processes that can improve performance throughout their organizations. As a business keynote speaker, Dan combines real-life stories from his management consulting work with in-depth research of the audience he is speaking to. He delivers penetrating and practical insights that attendees can use immediately to improve their performance and results.


"Dan Coughlin was a pleasure to work with and was very well prepared…the [audience] was deeply engaged during the entire session."

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