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World Bank Former President Robert B. Zoellick on how more trade barriers will ‘cost’ the U.S.

Thought Leader: Robert Zoellick
February 8, 2024

“If we want to address climate change and we want to address how to deal with, say, additional solar power, why would we put big taxes and tariffs on solar panels coming from China? Someone says we need it for national security. I’ve been involved with the national security field for 30 years; I still don’t quite grasp why we need solar power in the event of conflict …. It’s the poor countries who are going to get clobbered mostly …. This is where Biden and Trump have been aligned, they’ve been favoring more trade barriers, in part for domestic political reason, that’s going to cost the United States, it’s going to hurt the rest of the world. And in areas like digital, we’ll fall behind in setting the standards of the future.” – Robert B. Zoellick

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