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Why I Worry about Deflation: Peter Zeihan

Thought Leader: Peter Zeihan
March 22, 2024

From Peter Zeihan: We’re all quite familiar with the concept of inflation, but inflation’s dark and twisted sister -deflation- doesn’t come out of her shell all that often. So, for our next episode of ‘Things I Worry About’ we’re talking about deflation.

Deflation is when prices drop due to low demand, which causes a downward economic spiral. Some examples of this are the Great Depression in the US and Japan during the 90s. We’re now seeing mounting deflationary pressures in the Chinese economy that could have devastating consequences.

With some sectors exhibiting inflationary activity and others facing deflationary activity, there will be some complex challenges to overcome. When I find myself staring at the ceiling late at night, pondering the ‘flations, I often find that deflation is what really worries me…

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