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What President Obama and “President Fallon” Know About Social Media That the Rest of Us Need to Learn

Thought Leader: Ben Parr
February 20, 2015
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(original source Vanity Fair)

“Obama gets it and future presidents will get it. And in traditional TV, no one gets it more than our president, Jimmy Fallon. President Fallon totally gets it.”

That’s not somebody talking about energy policy or the debt ceiling. That’sAccess Hollywood host Billy Bush on the power of social media (where, truly, Jimmy Fallon may very well be president). Bush joined the Vanity Fair Social Club panel “#NowTrending: The Business of Social Media,” but before the panel even began, he used a few spare moments to participate in a tweet-up, taking questions from inside the room and around the country. The results, like Twitter itself, were an interesting mix of personal insights and casual asides. Our favorites:”

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