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Tomi Lahren Has Some Thoughts

Thought Leader: Tomi Lahren
October 12, 2016
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By Kyle Chayka (original source The ringer) 

“Tomi Lahren’s face appears twice its normal size on a massive editing screen. On a dark Dallas soundstage, Lahren is recording one of her signature “Final Thoughts” monologues, the closing segment of her daily television show, Tomi. Her glossy lips twist into a grimace, dark eyelashes press into a glare, and manicured nails jab at the air as words fly out with the velocity of bullets: “Believe it or not, you can be critical of a black person or a black person’s policies without being a racist.”

Just 24 years old and already a viral star of conservative media, Lahren has become known on the right and left alike for her “Final Thoughts.” The target of her ire today is the football player Colin Kaepernick, whose sitting during the national anthem she has previously judged as disrespectful to our country’s police and military. On set, she preaches with increasing urgency to an invisible crowd: “America is great; it’s great for all of us. When we say ‘Make America Great Again,’ we mean enough with this victimhood BS.” The last two letters arrive punctuated with an audible disdain.”

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