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The story of my new arms: An organ donor’s gift helped me recover from war injuries

Thought Leader: John Peck
May 29, 2019
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By John Peck (Original source Salon)

“Sgt. John Peck (ret.) served two tours as a Marine during the War on Terror. He became a quadruple amputee after being injured by an IED for the second time, and received a groundbreaking bilateral arm transplant in 2016. John is one of only two military members to have gone through this complex surgical procedure. As a result, he has become an advocate for organ donation and encourages every American to become an organ donor. He now continues his philanthropy work and is becoming a motivational speaker focusing on inspiring corporations, non-profit organizations, and others with his message of hope and overcoming obstacles with humor and resolve. In “Rebuilding Sergeant Peck,” he comes together with accomplished author Dava Guerin and Terry Bivens to tell his story.

Rebuilt: Announcing My New Arms

The big day is finally here. Today, I’ll meet the press for the first time following my double arm transplant. I hate this kind of stuff. But the office of strategic communications at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, stressed the importance of telling my story for the first time to the world. I can’t stand being the center of attention, but this time is different. I’m speaking for two people now, not just one.”

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