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The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic

Thought Leader: Niall Ferguson
April 28, 2020
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By Niall Ferguson (original source The Boston Globe)

“Everyone knows “The Great Wave,” the most famous of all Japanese works of art, even if they don’t know the name of the artist.

His name was Hokusai and he published “The Great Wave off Kanagawa (Kanagawa-oki Nami Ura)” at some point between 1829 and 1833. It’s a woodblock print of the genre ukiyo-e, which translates, rather beautifully, as a “picture of the floating world.”

Look closely at “The Great Wave” and you will see that it towers above the cowering oarsmen in three wooden fishing boats. They are on their way back to Kanagawa (now Yokohama). Mount Fuji is just visible in the distance.

These days we are all a bit like those Japanese fishermen, cowering beneath a giant wave. The wave in question is the pandemic caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the deadly disease it can cause, COVID-19.”

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