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Tech Caucus 1/27: Can Twitter Solve Its Troubles? And Who Are Tech’s Underrated Entrepreneurs?

Thought Leader: Ben Parr
January 27, 2016

(Original source The Tech Caucus) 

“Welcome back to The Tech Caucus, the newsletter where I poll tech’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, and journalists on what’s important in tech.

I want to start this newsletter with a congratulations to my friend Brad Hunstable and the team at Ustream, which was acquired by IBM last week. I’ve been a longtime advisor to Ustream, so I got to watch Brad fight, and fight, and fight to victory (Brad is the most tenacious entrepreneur I know). I also want to congratulate my friends Matt Schlicht and Mazy Kazerooni, who were among Ustream’s first five employees and started their careers there.”

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