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SuperDataScience Podcast with Jon Krohn | Humans Love AI-Crafted Beer

Thought Leader: Jon Krohn
February 23, 2024

AI-crafted beer, machine learning for passion projects, and self-taught data science: Jon Krohn and Beau Warren’s hotly anticipated, data-driven, punny lager Krohn&Borg is finally given a taste test in this week’s Five-Minute Friday. Heading to the Species X brewery in Columbus, Ohio, Jon Krohn and Beau Warren launched the beer that had been predicted, optimized and developed by a machine-learning model.

I recently recorded tipplers’ reactions as they had their first taste of the A.I.-crafted “Krohn&Borg” lager I co-developed. Today’s episode illustrates the result: Humans love A.I. beer! There’s also cool content on using CRISPR-Cas9 to modify yeast genes.

Thanks again to Beau Warren, Head Brewer at Species X Beer Project, for the opportunity to collaborate on this delicious project. You can check out Episode #755 for tons of detail on the ML packages used and the models developed to craft beer with A.I.

And thanks to all of the guests/judges in today’s episode:

• Rehgan Avon of AlignAI

• Alexandra Hagmeyer (Dauterman) of Path Robotics

• Kelsey Dingelstedt of Women in Analytics (WIA)

• William McFarland of Omega Yeast

• Jim Lachey of the Super Bowl XXVI-winning Washington Commanders

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