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Shubham Banerjee On His Life Changing Invention

Thought Leader: Shubham Banerjee
November 14, 2015
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By Rakhi Chakraborty (original source Your Story) 

“Bootstrapping funds for their startup is a universal entrepreneur dilemma. What made it unique for Shubham Banerjee was that his funds were bootstrapped from his pocket money. In February 2014 then twelve year old Banerjee set about creating Braigo- a Lego Braille printer that dramatically reduces the price of a printer from more than $2,000 to $350 for education, teaching and home-use purposes. By the time he turned thirteen he hadsecured funding worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from Intel, at the Intel Global Capital Summit. While Banerjee had put his heart and soul into creating the Lego prototypeof Braigo (coined from Braille and Lego), he is happy that with this funding he can concentrate on mass producing the most optimum version of the machine possible. All the while attending school of course. With 285 million visually impaired people living worldwide, and 90 per cent of them from developing nations, Banerjee’s invention is poised to eradicate one of the most significant challenges faced by the blind.”

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