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Sheila Bair and the Bullies of Wall Street: WC President Reads at Literary House, Explains “How Greed Messed up our Economy”

Thought Leader: Sheila Bair
October 29, 2015
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By Meaghan Menzel (original source The Elm)

Washington College’s 28th President Sheila Bair gave a reading from her novel “The Bullies of Wall St.” at our Rose O’Neill Literary House Monday, Oct. 19. “Bullies of Wall St.” is a novel for a younger audience about the 2008 financial crisis. “If you’re not particularly enamored with financial matters [and] you don’t want to wade through the 500 pages that have been written about the financial crisis, this is a little more accessible,” Bair said.

She wrote this novel from the perspective of Main Street rather than Wall Street, “because… most of the books that have been written about the crisis are about the bailouts, all the power plays of Wall Street, and the important people who had come to Washington for their bailouts and were teetering on the edge… but nobody really tried to tell the story from the Main Street [perspective and the] impact that this crisis had on real people and especially on younger people.”

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